InFortCollins.CO launches their first site of the network.

Posted by | July 5, 2011 | News

InFortCollins.CO is a local Fort Collins, Colorado business that has set out to change the way we, as a community, use the internet. By concentrating on the local community and not the “whole world,” creating a network of sites that the community will benefit from becomes much easier and much more focused.

While evaluating what it was that the Fort Collins community needed most today, it became apparent that jobs was the number one area that needed help. While the unemployment rate in Fort Collins is one of the lowest in the state of Colorado, we feel having just one person out there who wants to work, who needs to work, is too many. That is specifically why we decided to launch our Jobs.InFortCollins.CO web site first.

The Jobs.InFortCollins.CO website is a job board for jobseekers to explore and employers to utilize to find that perfect match for their needs. By focusing only on jobs in Fort Collins, CO the employer doesn’t have to worry about their job getting lost in the mix and the jobseeker doesn’t have to wade through a bunch of jobs for other parts of the country trying to find one for his or her area.

While working on the idea, we decided that our job board must be different. There are plenty of jobs boards out there as well as free resources such as Craigslist, etc. but all of those a impersonal and most of them are big businesses. Our business is local, based right here in Fort Collins, CO and what this site collects gets put right back into the community. We are keeping it local. We also wanted to price our listing fees well below any of those big “monster” job board folks who probably don’t even know where Fort Collins, Colorado is.

So check us out, look around, and let us know what you think. We appreciate any feedback we get, good or bad. We feel it makes us better, makes our business better, and helps us helo our community better.


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